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An Amazing Time

I arranged a meeting with Mistress Dark Angel and when we met I was very nervous, but there was no need as Mistress Dark Angel was very understanding and definitely made me feel at ease straight away.
An amazing time and left me desiring another meeting.

Nina - 23.6.19

Powerful, Dominant & Smart

I recently had sessions with Mistress Dark Angel. I found her powerful, dominant and smart. She renamed me ‘Tina’ and bought out the Tina inside me out. I became her obedient Tina and I loved it, she fed my desires. Thank you Mistress Dark Angel.

Mike 20/01/2017

Power Outage… No Problem

The power was out in the building but that definitely didn’t inhibit the spark we had. I was impressed by her stature and command although I did struggle to get her full name out at times for which I was severely punished for

Be careful what you wish for was bandied about during the session and I was thankful she didn’t go there or was that disappointed lol. It’d be nice to chat in an informal environment but ultimately I know where she’d rather be.

Top sesh

David 30/11/2016

Fulfill Your Desires

Recently had my first two sessions with Mistress Dark Angel. She was in charge and worked on understanding my desires. She was more than happy to work harder to provide an excellent session by adding to her toys just for me.
If anyone is looking for someone who can take control and help to fulfill your desires I would recommend Mistress Dark Angel

Jamie 19/8/2016

Explosive, Sensual & Mind Blowing

I have just had my first session with Mistress Dark Angel it was the most explosive, sensual and mind blowing experience of my life. The power and strength she brings to the session, from her eyes, to the most fantastic body, and the voice to be worshiped. Mistress Dark Angel brought out the sissy I have longed to be for some time. I can’t wait for Mistress DA to keep pushing my boundaries further and further into BDSM, I hope one day Mistress DA will see me loyal and worthy enough to be her sub. Thank you so much Mistress Dark Angel can’t wait for our next session.

Shaun12715 09/05/2016

One Word… WOW

I recently had the privilege of having a session with Mistress Dark Angel. I had viewed her website a couple of weeks back and initially took no further action, however within a short time my curiosity or my inner calling got the better of me and I again visited her website but this time also making contact with Mistress Dark Angel to arrange a meeting.

To my horror I arrived for the session a few minutes late…totally my fault, I should have allowed myself more time to ensure that I was on time. Mistress Dark Angel did not hesitate to berate me for my blunder and that it had better not happen again. I was immediately impressed with Mistress Dark Angel. A tall, beautiful and very professional Dominatrix with an aura of power and strength.

The session progressed well and any fears or nagging doubts I may have entertained earlier on were very quickly laid to rest. I felt I was in a totally safe environment as Mistress Dark Angel controlled me both physically and mentally, that this was where I was meant to be. As the session finished and I was making my way back to my car one word entered my mind…WOW!

My first session with Mistress Dark Angel was very enjoyable, I enjoyed the physical and mental aspects as well as Mistress Dark Angel gently pushing a few boundaries and would highly recommend Mistress Dark Angel to anyone who wishes explore their BDSM fantasies. This was my first session with Mistress Dark Angel I certainly hope it won’t be my last.

TTJ 18/03/2016

Exactly what I needed

Had my first meeting with Mistress Dark Angel tonight. At first I was a little intimidated by her demeanor, but quickly realised she was and is exactly what I needed to push all the right buttons. I was lucky enough to take her for a drink, the feeling of humiliation as she ordered my milk was exactly what I wanted. Once back at the motel and bent over the balcony with her inside the room was again very intense, a shame it couldn’t have lasted longer. Will definitely be seeing her again, soon I hope.

Glen 01/03/2016

True Professional

Had my first session with Mistress Dark Angel and enjoyed every moment. She is very professional and gets straight down to business, top marks.

Mistressdarkangelblog 16/01/2016

True Skill and Passion

I’ve seen Mistress Dark Angel twice now! Once at her own place and the last time she traveled all the way to me. That is astonishing as this was a long drive for her, that just shows the commitment and dedication to her work and it really does pay off in the sessions she carries out.

The sessions we have had together have been out of this world, she understands how to get your mind pumping with thoughts and varies her techniques throughout the session leaving you not knowing what she is going to do next, you could not get a better dominatrix in my opinion, it’s a must try for anybody out there who is thinking and never going through with a session with Mistress DA, she understands what your boundaries are and is on another level to most dominatrix’s out there.

To finish the session with a little conversation about yourself with her and the advice she gave me really did touch me, it showed me that she is a beautiful, caring woman as well as my Mistress for the hour, I have not got one fault with her at all, and I have so much time for her, a must try.

I hope I get to see her again sometime soon and if your looking for a dominatrix with true skill and passion, and also a down to earth, stunning lady then look no further, Mistress DA is your one, I can’t wait for the next time I see her!!

Ryanfry5 02/01/2016

Complete Control

Recently Mistress Dark Angel took control of me. I am a straight male and not attracted to men, however Mistress Dark Angel dominated me. I was totally under her control as I found myself on my knees and naked in a public bush area waiting for an encounter. Mistress Dark Angel ensured that I surrendered my control and performed the task she had set, which was to satisfy a complete stranger. I had never done this before, however my control over the situation was taken away as Mistress Dark Angel commanded me to pleasure this stranger. I was anxious waiting there completely naked and exposed. Soon the stranger arrived I had no choice such was the power of my desire to serve Mistress Dark Angel, I felt like a dirty little slave. I returned to reports back to Mistress Dark Angel my desire to serve even stronger.
I completely recommend Mistress Dark Angel to anyone who is into BDSM in any form and I am confident under her firm control you can find the release you are seeking. She has a stunning figure and is imposing. Not to be missed!

Riccardo Nixon 31/12/2015

My Breath Was Taken Away

I got hold of Mistress regarding the possibility off making an appointment to see her, so close to Christmas, this wasn’t a problem for mistress.

Mistress asked what I was wanting in a session with her, which I think is a great question to ensure that Mistress knows what the person is into and expecting, it also gives Mistress the time to plan ahead for your session, always a good idea.

Mistress gave me the details, and instructed me not to be late.I knocked on the door and waited, when the door was opened I was greeted by a tall beautiful Mistress, my breath was taken away and I suddenly got nervous.

After our greetings I was instructed to take a shower, I even dropped the shower head, I put too much soap on and Mistress who was watching told me to wash it off and get dried quickly, I did has I was told, you learn to obey Mistress pretty quickly.

My session involved a lot of spanking and punishment, which I wanted. Every time Mistress speaks to you, you have to reply ‘Yes Mistress Dark Angel’, if you don’t watch out as I found out three times when I forgot, my bottom is still smarting from them extra smacks.

A very enjoyable session by a beautiful mistress, who takes time to find out what you want in a session, so you can enjoy the session.

Thank you mistress

Yorkiebar67 24/12/2015

Imposing, Stunning & Controlling

Mistress Dark Angel instantiates desires fulfilled. Imposing, stunning and controlling, she wields a psychological and physical control that exceeds fantastical conception, leaving those before her absolutely susceptible and vulnerable to her power. Coupled with this, her professionalism and courtesy elicit the necessary trust required for a complete immersion in her unforgettable wickedness.

To those who wish to relinquish control and freely embrace salacious fantasy, it is toward Mistress Dark Angel I suggest you wander. In her hands you’ll be relatively… ‘safe’.

Could not recommend more highly.

Tom (@Millersmill9) 15/12/2015

Pleasure and Pain

Recently I had the pleasure and pain of entering a session with Mistress Dark Angel, as she was touring the North Island. Initially her add already struck me as different… different from most of the other (BDSM oriented) services available in my town – sexier, more hardcore, serious as well as intriguing. I have a fair bit of experience with dommes and BDSM from when living in Europe, and this review serves to explain why meeting Mistress Dark Angel has been my best encounter thus far:

After drooling for some time over Mistress’ add and pictures, I gathered my courage and booked for the Friday evening. Unfortunately, something else came up and I had to cancel, promising Mistress I would re-book the next day. When we finally arranged a time to meet, she already had me feeling as if under her control – asking me what had happened the previous day, and sending me very concise instructions on how and when to get to her place. Upon arriving, I still managed to misinterpret her instructions, unable to enter the premises. Mistress was not amused.

I was met by a masked, tall dark woman who immediately struck me as having a very impressive presence. She carried herself immaculately, beautiful body, strong voice, great aesthetics. She took no pause in telling me off for not following her orders, and set a very inquisitive tone straight away. I was having a hard time wiping this stupid grin off my face which had been there in part from me being nervous, and now more so from being next to this awesome creature. Mistress quickly set me straight.

After some initial talk about the session, I was ordered to take a shower. The brightly lit bathroom became the first stage in our play as Mistress watched me while I was washing myself, resulting in a very intimate yet rarely felt form of arousal – for me at least. Her masked face could not obscure these piercing dark eyes, watching my every move as she ordered me to use more soap.

Out of the shower, Mistress continued to explain what she was going to do to me in our session together, gave me a safe word, and proceeded to blindfold me. Without going into too much detail of what ensued, I can say that for most of the initital part of our session, which had me blindfolded continuously, I have never felt such intense arousal combined with such a sexy and raw presence as with Mistress Dark Angel. Her touches, the soft-spoken yet demanding voice, her amazing scent, and her sensual play made for this great build up in tension. Rough at times, sexy and tender in others, never predictable.

The ultimate climax (sic) to follow, was Mistress’ carefully crafted narrative which led to her taking off her mask, and us ‘meeting’ each other. She continued to allow me to show myself to her, instructing me to come. I felt quite humbled, bordering on being humiliated, after such an intense first part of the session, to now have to perform and prove myself to her – as she coveted her gorgeous body while letting me watch. Her beautifully powerful feminine image stayed with me for days to come, as my nipples continued to hurt from her favourite clamps….

We parted discussing a future session. I can hardly wait.

RossBlog 09/12/2015

I can never get enough

Mistress Dark Angel has allowed me the pleasure of her company for the past nine months. This has enabled me to experience the fantasy’s I have always harboured in a safe and secure environment. She seems to be able to extract my deepest darkest fantasies and pushes me to the edge of my tolerance levels without taking things too far. Mistress does not judge me and instinctively senses how I’m dealing with our session emotionally and physically. She allows me to be whatever I want to be, taking my mind and body to places they have never been before.

The way Mistress uses her voice, touch, body and numerous pieces of equipment to dominate me is a feeling second to none. Being met by a masked, incredibly sexy woman that takes control from the moment I walk through the door makes me rock hard. Mistress Dark Angel’s expertise with her large collection of ropes, masks, gags, restraints, whips and other delightful tools of trade leave me exhausted, accelerated and wanting to come back for more.

Mistress Dark Angel never leaves unwanted marks on my body and respects the boundaries I have for our time together. No two experiences have been the same with each session more mind blowing than the one before.

A session with a professional specialist Dom with the skills of Mistress Dark Angel has introduced me to many B&D experiences. By the looks of her extensive collections of restraints, clothing and toys I would say that she would be able to cater for just about anyone! Her training, personality and natural instincts put Mistress in a class on her own. I can never get enough of Mistress Dark Angel and neither will you. I know I can’t wait for my next session…

John 30/11/2015

Look no further than Mistress Dark Angel

I recently had the pleasure of a unforgettable experience with Mistress Dark Angel.

I had been looking for a very long time for a Dominatrix of her qualities, and she fitted my requirements perfectly.

I made contact with her prior to making a booking and I explained what I was wanting in the way of a session and what kind of outfit I would like her to wear.

When I arrived and she opened the door, I was not prepared for the statuesque beauty standing before me! She was very impressive indeed, and not only that she had dressed exactly how I had asked.

After completing the formalities, she got straight to work on me, I must admit I was a little nervous at first but she soon reassured me that there was nothing to worry about.

She took control of me both mentally and physically, which I really appreciated and our time together passed far to quickly. I must stress that she is not a clock watcher so didn’t end our session right on time.

For those looking for a strict, no nonsense Dominatrix, look no further than Mistress Dark Angel.

Highly recommended.

Trevor, 30/11/2015

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